Entry #1

Newgrounds pulling shizz OUT THE BAG!

2010-02-16 19:58:33 by Neo-uk

I have only just realised in the last few weeks that Newgrounds has literally become a monster of awesomeness, that's so good its unreal. So I thought I might aswell make use of it, and do something good... like... this news post.. Which some of you may argue isn't that good but SHUTUP.

:) JOkes, and love and all that to you slags. To be honest, I'm half expecting to be writing all this to myself, which is maybe a bad thing? I dunno.... Maybe if you stumble across this, you can let me know if you think its a bad thing or not.

CHEERS ME LOVE. Well, I might as well add some ""news"" as I am writing a news post...

If anyone is interesting, I'm currently working on a flash game. Its looking pretty alright, but we're still getting to grips of le actionscript 3. Well, here's a picture of some of the units in the game. Good times.

Newgrounds pulling shizz OUT THE BAG!


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