Entry #2

Man and his breakfast!

2010-02-22 21:33:39 by Neo-uk

Just added another of those animation things to that portal-ma-jig.

I'm thinking of perhaps doing a series of the similar type of activities that happened in this newest of all flash animations. I just thought, a few minutes ago (an hour), for maybe 2 seconds that was the newest animation EVER. Crazy. And a few seconds ago you were the latest person to read the last letter in this sentence. CRAZY.

Well, hope you enjoy it. Its pretty short like all of them lol. Cheeeeeeeers

Man and his breakfast!


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2010-02-24 00:16:00

The Pelican!? video are awesome i hope you make more it's so funny can't wait to see more from you


2010-02-25 09:03:12

funny!! make more!


2010-02-25 12:49:56

you need more viewers you are hilarious

Neo-uk responds:

Cheers man, what a legend haha. :D


2010-02-25 18:22:28

I noticed that you had Left 4 Dead 2 voices and songs on your two PELICAN!? episodes. Didn't know you played them too!


2010-03-06 09:07:36

Your shorts are awesome. Definitely love the randomness of the pelican vid. Also, the quality of your vids are amazing. Keep it up.


2010-06-05 03:30:07

dude....you need more attention...that pelican thing was hilarious, please make more.


2011-01-15 17:32:01

I don't know if I already told you but your style is so recognizable that without looking at the author name or title. I know you made it and I expect to see a pelican. So the whole time your love4dead was going I was waiting for pelican to appear and I'm kind of sad it didn't.


2011-01-20 11:20:20

love4dead.... CANNOT UNSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2011-02-02 18:17:04

You are awesome! Plz make more Left 4 Dead shorts, they are so funny :)


2011-05-03 13:32:32

cool xbox


2011-06-15 23:33:09

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