Man and his breakfast!

2010-02-22 21:33:39 by Neo-uk

Just added another of those animation things to that portal-ma-jig.

I'm thinking of perhaps doing a series of the similar type of activities that happened in this newest of all flash animations. I just thought, a few minutes ago (an hour), for maybe 2 seconds that was the newest animation EVER. Crazy. And a few seconds ago you were the latest person to read the last letter in this sentence. CRAZY.

Well, hope you enjoy it. Its pretty short like all of them lol. Cheeeeeeeers

Man and his breakfast!

I have only just realised in the last few weeks that Newgrounds has literally become a monster of awesomeness, that's so good its unreal. So I thought I might aswell make use of it, and do something good... like... this news post.. Which some of you may argue isn't that good but SHUTUP.

:) JOkes, and love and all that to you slags. To be honest, I'm half expecting to be writing all this to myself, which is maybe a bad thing? I dunno.... Maybe if you stumble across this, you can let me know if you think its a bad thing or not.

CHEERS ME LOVE. Well, I might as well add some ""news"" as I am writing a news post...

If anyone is interesting, I'm currently working on a flash game. Its looking pretty alright, but we're still getting to grips of le actionscript 3. Well, here's a picture of some of the units in the game. Good times.

Newgrounds pulling shizz OUT THE BAG!